Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time to Get Nutty - Part Two


(3:10) Saturday, December 13-

I just did my part in the opening scene (Young Clara's dance) as Sugar Plum Fairy (there are three of us), and changed into my snow costume.  Our timing still wasn't spot on, but the feeling as the curtain comes up made up for it.  No matter how old I am or how many times I go on stage, I always get butterflies and spurt of excitement!  I'm feeling emotional AGAIN (2) thinking about how this is the seniors last Nutcracker...I will miss them.  Anyways, time to bring on the snow (for real though... Park City is lacking it's usual piles of snow).

(5:30) Still the Same Saturday-

The first show is now done, and went well, with some mistakes, of course.  But they will be fixed soon enough because the second show is almost here.  We also just a received a surprise... a dancer friend of our, who moved to the East coast this past summer, came to watch the show! None of us knew, except one girl, and when we walked into our dressing room, we thought we were seeing things!  Then we were all in one giant hug!  I was teary-eyed (3) and we all joined her for a circle to hear about all her new adventures.  Then I made my way out to say hello to people who came to watch.  Three of my old dance buddies, who now do cheer, came to watch and brought flowers, which again made me tear-up (4) because I realized how weird it was that they weren't on the stage with me!  Now I am back in my dressing room, fixing up my make-up... once again, about to make my way backstage.

Fixin' Up

(6:30) Same Day, As You Probably Guessed-

This was the last time I got emotional (5), I promise.  The reasoning behind this one is because I actually hurt myself (it was bound to happen to someone eventually, we were all waiting for it). Our dressing room floor is sort of slippery, plus we are in pointe shoes, and I was running out to help someone change quickly in the little time we had.  A girl had left her big, fluffy, snow tutu on the ground in the doorway, and I slipped, banging my shin right on the corner.  BAM!  At first I was laughing with everyone, and went to feel my shin.  It wasn't funny anymore.  I felt my shin bone go from a dent to a big bump.  It was weird.  Then I felt the pain and looked at it to see a big big bump and a scrape.  And to top it off, it was only two dances before I had to do Sugars in front of all my family that came to support me.  I told my teachers I'd be fine, and just pulled it together for my very last dance. With all the adrenaline, it didn't hurt me too bad on stage, and people said I hid the pain and tears well...phew!

(7:30) Same Day and Finally Done-
Woohoo!  I made it, and had such a blast.  I feel ├╝ber-grateful for the many flower bouquets I received from friends and family, and I'm really looking forward to relaxation.  Although I wish I had started the day off more positive, I think it's normal to be completely emotional.  We all worked hard for today, and showed it and enjoyed it.  I gave myself a small pat on the back for doing my best in all of the many Nutcracker shows I did.  Time to give many thanks and "good jobs" to friends, teachers, family, and my little dancing feet!  Then just a week more of school before I make my way down to Central America (BEACH!) for the holidays.


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