Sunday, December 14, 2014

Time to Get Nutty - Part One

Friday, December 12-

As the holidays roll in, with the chilling breezes and dancing snowflakes, there is one thing that is also on my mind - Nutcracker (story of this magical ballet here).  My studio holds our own small production, and there is also the more "grand" show by Ballet West.  For some reason, I decided to really overload my plate by deciding to do both!  So glad I did it, but I am at the end of my rope, especially energy wise.  However, it's almost over... as in tomorrow.  Tomorrow is my studio's Nutcracker production, and it's a pretty impressive show for the small town of Park City. It's a time for all of us dancers and our coaches to just enjoy all of our hard work.

The Ballet West production is just as fun, but more serious and I don't get to spend it with close friends.  Actually though, that was one thing that was very enjoyable... meeting new girls who have a similar dedication to ballet as me (there are girls like that at my studio, as well).  Because it's a professional company, they have a lot of shows, which meant that I was the role of a Page for about a dozen shows.  A lot compared to the usual "one-day/ two-shows" thing at my studio. Every performance was unbelievably amazing; being a part of a professional ballet performance. Not only that, but being onstage watching the dancers of the company that I aspire to (Beckanne Sisk's lines are that much more better - hard to believe - when you're only five feet away).  The experience was unreal and definitely one for the books!
Ballet West Nutcracker!

Then came my studio's Nutcracker.

(early) Saturday, December 13-

Today is the big day! But one thing is missing, my motivation.  The moment when I need to be perkiest, is when I don't want to get out of bed.  It was as though I hit a wall.  "I just need sleep, tell them I'll come eventually," I blatantly told my mom.  All I can think about is the twelve hours I would be spending at the theatre... with the people I see everyday... and teachers snapping at us under the show-day stress.... the make-up soon to be caked on my face... the itchy (but pretty) costumes.  My glass was half empty, maybe even two thirds empty.  I know that I can't not show up, so I need to get ready as fast I can to make up for the time I am losing lying in my bed...venting to my blog.  See you in a bit, hopefully in a better mood.
One of my favorite dances, Snow (picture courtesy of

(noon-ish) Saturday, December 13-

I'm definitely very emotional, but feeling much better about what's in front of me.  I arrived late, and got into the dressing room with nowhere to put my stuff (not a surprise), and got teary-eyed for no reason.  Tears just starting to erupt.  I was feeling frustrated, like that of a volcano slowly exploding.  I held back a little longer, and went to the stage for dress rehearsal.

Dress rehearsal went okay, as usual, which means people are going to bring their A-game.  A crappy dress rehearsal calls for a great show, right?  For me, there was just timing and spacing issues, and I'm crossing my fingers it will all come together.  But now that I am feeling much better, I am heading to catch a yummy lunch with some buds.  "Merde" (check the Tiny Tips page for info on that ballet word) to all the dancers, see you an hour before the show!

My Nutty Experienced To Be Continued...


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