Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Leotards - Part One

Ballet seems pretty straight forward, style wise, especially in some schools. Usually if a ballet company has an academy or school as well (Ballet West - Ballet West Academy), the students have to wear specific leotards, tights, and even shoes. But every ballet dancers' guilty pleasure is getting new ballet attire. At my studio, we have one day to wear colored leotards, and every other day is black. Since they only require a color, I get to show my outside style in ballet class with a variety of leotard styles - only slightly, though. This blog(s)* is mainly about how to find the leotard that seems to draw the eye of others, my preferences and favorites, part of my "collection", and how to find the right type for your body.

*Since this is a big topic, I will be splitting it into two posts - get ready!

When I look through a new Pointe Magazine, there is always one section that I know I'll LOVE - the section allll about leotards, skirts, legwarmers (etc.), oh my! But what I love most about these pages, is that it doesn't just list pretty and popular dance items, but what is "in" and stuff that matches the season. For example, in my 2014 April/May copy, they have two pages dedicated to how to add a hint of "Spring" to your rehearsal look. Dancewear hunting is super fun, adds pizzazz, and personality to the "usual" rehearsal look (if it's allowed). Take advantage of it!

Wearing leotards that follow along with what is going on outside can catch eyes, but also just finding ones that are flattering. Having knowledge about leotards and the ones that work for you will work to your advantage in many situations, especially auditions. Everyone should have at least one leotard that is just very basic to show your "lines" easily. Sometimes embellishments and cool straps are can distract from your dancing. Discount Dance is where I suggest looking, especially for basic leotards. They don't need to be as high end, and that website has a wide range with reasonable prices (score!). But, it is nice to have a leotard that is your "go to", which is usually higher quality and therefore, lasts longer. Yumiko is a brand of leotards that is a "design yourself" type of site. They carry different styles that you get to choose the color, fabric type, sleeve length, etc.... but there is a down side. It is VERY pricy because you design it and it's VERY well made. They have basic styles that you can make to fit your body perfectly (huge bonus), but I would start savin' up the cash (bummer). Not only is the type of style important to feature your body, but the color too... you should know your colors.
Gorgeous (cheaper) Yumiko Look-Alikes. Leotards and Picture found on discountdance.com 

That is all very important, but one of my guilty pleasures is having fun with it.  In fact, I find myself getting a little crazy on some websites (my cart will end up at about $500)... oops! Again, I suggest Discount Dance. They have tons of leotards (and other dancewear), a variety of brands, styles, colors, price, etc.. I would be lying if I said I didn't go on there weekly. Then comes the second most time consuming dance clothing website... Eleve. I could spend HOURS on here, especially because it is a "design it yourself" as well. You choose the style of leotard, then pick the fabric, with a choice of mesh and patterns (something not available on Yumiko). It is pricey as well, but not as much as Yumiko. Plus, the owner of the brand used to dance at our local ballet company, Ballet West!

I could make this blog last until the end of the year (THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!), so I will finish it next time to give your brain a small rest.


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