Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Leotards - Part 2

And the madness continues...

Everyone has their "type" of leotard to best suit their body! I'm about 5' 2", with long legs and arms, short torso, and usually fit best in an adult small. My body slightly represents the "ballet body", but I continue to learn more about leotards that help to accomplish the line I'm looking for everyday. I'm going to share what works for me, and what may help with other body types, as well.

First of all, if you are looking for a brand that comes in a variety of cuts, I suggest Mirella. Not only can you find simple and detailed leotard of different styles, but they are a very nice and sustainable fabric. When making custom leotards, you may feel overwhelmed with options and which one works best, so choosing one that's already made may help find what you're looking for.

Some of My Array Leotards (feel free to comment for specific details)

High Cut Leg:
We all strive for the mile long legs, but have to work with what we got, so this is something that is very useful. When your leotard goes low, to the point where it might even look like shorts, it cuts off your leg length. A higher leg line, not uncomfortably high (let's stay away from the 80's for now), but just below or right on the hip bone, is magic. Plus, it gives you an easier time of seeing your turnout muscles... ballet attire is meant to show your muscles (a.k.a. hard work).

*if your like me with a short torso, you may want to avoid the above, so that your torso isn't non-existent.

Low Back:
This is similar to high cut leg, but makes your whole body seem more lengthy, rather than just your legs. This is one of my favorites - it shows all the muscles working with each movement of the upper body.  It just gives an overall elegant look.

Boat Neck:
With broad shoulders and chest, you want to aim the focus downward for a more proportional look. A high and wide neck accentuates your collarbones, and draws the attention inwards, creating a flattering look. A cap sleeve will help to blend your shoulders into your torso, too, which is a bonus and looks more delicate.

Open Neck:
For me, my upper body just naturally isn't very prominent and is thinner than the rest of me, which comes off as slightly "sluggish", in a way. With leotards that pinch in the front, have thin straps, more open, and a square neck bring the attention upward, helping to improve my presence. This, prints, and embellishments towards the upper part of the leo, help to draw attention away from wide hips, as well.

*avoid this if you have a large bust... you probably are going to need more support.

Even though people still believe you won't make it into the dance world if you don't have the right body, you can. Being able to find the perfect attire to suit you will take people's mind off of the lack of hyper extension or long legs, but allow them to just watch you dance yourself silly. Body type should be the last thing restricting you from dancing, but hopefully this(these) past blog(s) help you to incorporate some pizazz, excitement, and just give you your most flattering look!

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