Friday, March 13, 2015

Pointe Shoes and the Difficulties Within - Part 2


Bloch (heritage & european balance) - Bloch continues to get better each year, including their pointe shoes. In the past, the shoes were very boxy, and "blocky"... ironic considering the name. They now have a sturdy build, are cheaper in price compared to some brands, and can be worn by dancers of all levels. This brand's pointe shoes fit people with generally wider feet, but the heritage tapers more and the european balance is wider with less taper. Bloch is a great option because it fits so many different foot shapes, and don't die fast. I might consider trying them again in the future, I just felt that I couldn't get on my box as well as other brands, but did feel that it hugged my foot nicely other than that.

Bloch. Credits to:

Suffolk (spotlight & solo) - I found (almost) success with these shoes and definitely can always keep them as my back up plan. They are a newer shoe, but can work for both "archy" and "non-archy" feet. I would consider myself right in the middle of the two, and found that it fit to my arch very well, probably because it is a 3/4 shank. This allows your arch to be accentuated, without any digging in, and can help those with flatter arches get on their box. My only issue with these is the box, speaking of which. With the Suffolk Spotlight, they felt really (and I mean really) nice the first few classes, but died fast after that. I didn't have them much longer than the Freeds. The Suffolk Solo is gene
rally a harder shoe overall than the Spotlight, but was slightly restricting me from pointing the lower part of the shank, the part by my toes. They do look nice, and because they are newer shoes, I'm there will be even more variations of the existing ones in the future. I highly recommend these for a try!

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Freed - Two words : two weeks. That is how long these lasted me. You have probably heard this, the fact the Freeds don't last, and that is because these are more performance shoes. Hence professional ballerinas use them for one show, and one show only. I don't have much say on these since I had little time with them, but they are very narrow, and do taper.

Freed. Credits to:

Russian Pointe (lumina) - I've had these for a week now, and find they work pretty well for my feet so far. They don't restrict me from from my foot or getting on my box, and aren't narrow like most Russians. Considering I don't have narrow feet and fit these shoes how much brands evolve and expand their selection. Russian Pointe's shoes are louder than others when hitting the floor, and also require some breaking in by the hand, but do last long from what I've heard. They are like Grishko's in the way that they help make your feet stronger because they are a harder shoe, as well.

Russian Pointe. Credits to:

Stay tuned for a blog on preparing your pointe shoes for a more efficient fit!

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