Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Experience and All the Little Details - Part 2

... (continued)

First things first, I'm just a tad bit tired, to be honest.  I'm relying on my adrenaline to perk me up, which I know will.  Man, am I going to sleep hard tonight though.  It's a little shocking that I have to dance again, at 8:30 p.m.... it's just not sinking in yet.  But I'm almost finished with make-up, then will head over to compete and get über warmed up.  I forgot to mention the open-stage earlier, which is a short amount time we get on stage before we compete to test out the stage and practice parts of our dance.  There isn't much room with all the others, but this is very important, especially for my variation, to see how well I'm on my leg and how my pointe shoes do on the floor.  As my family and I make our way to the car, I'm start to think of what I need to practice most during that time... I need all the time I get.


They are running slightly early, so I didn't have time to get my costume on for open stage, but it's not too big of a deal.  Things happen...especially at competitions (*reminiscing over all my "oh-no!" moments in the past).  Right now, waiting in the dressing room before I need to go backstage is when I get really stretched out and focused.  Then when I go backstage, I do jumps and relevés en pointe to warm my muscles up, as well as stay completely calm.  I almost want to be sweaty when I go onstage.  I sort of wish I was more towards the beginning of my time slot... this waiting is beginning to take a toll on me.  Just have to stay focused!


Both done!  Woohoo, but also (sad) aww!  I can't believe all that hard work was just wrapped up like that of a snap.  I didn't feel as great about this performance, but know it could have been worse.  I think with a huge time gap in between my dance, and having to perform to late at night (not that that's an excuse for anything) changed my mojo.  Also, the fact that someone did the exact same variation as me and did it so well, just a few before me didn't help.  This competition is truly so inspiring, watching all the talent.  Even though there was some stumbles, and I know I could have been more prepared, it will still be a moment I will cherish.  Time to sleep... a very, very, very deep sleep.
After the Awards Ceremony!

Saturday, January 31 - Last day on the stage....

Today I watched all my other teammates compete, and they all did beautifully.  Not only did I love watching them, but I loved watching the other competitors.  I looked at it like - I could try to apply what they were great at to my own dancing.  Shocker that I made it an educational thing. But later I will be doing my ensemble piece, which won't be as nerve racking because I won't be the only one up there!  I really just want to enjoy being on stage once more... plus I have awards later, which will be fun too (a chance for me to get all fancied up)!


In the end, all that matters is the progress I have made throughout the year.  Unfortunately, I won't be competing in New York, but got invited to go and do their week long intensive through my contemporary piece, which I may or may not attend. But now I have another year to look back on, and continue to grow from! Not sure what to do with all the free time when I return home where I would normally have rehearsals.. but now time for bed, and then a full day of master classes tomorrow.



  1. In track we have little jokes within our team that we call "runner probs!" Do you have these at dance? Check out my blog at

    1. Check my upcoming posts, which will be on "dancer probs".... I wonder how similar they are.