Sunday, May 10, 2015

The 32 Fouettes - AKA The Grand Finale

The moment when you feel you might fall over and die right there on the spot but can't, is vital. You may have just finished the hardest section of your dance or for principals, the thirty two fuoettes or mineges of jetes at the end of the coda. You may have just run what seems like one hundred miles, but still have one left, or have yet another mentally challenging homework assignment. This is the last push, the ultimate test. You may feel that you don't have it in you, but oh, you do. It isn't whether you are fast enough, athletic enough, or smart enough... it's whether you believe in yourself, and have that drive to success. And boy, the feeling after is priceless. For us dancers, there isn't anything much better than dancing on stage in front of the audience. Well, except the applause and appreciation from the crowd just past those blinding lights. Getting through the ups and downs to the grand finale is what I have found at the end of each day, week, and now year as I come to an end with my blog. My blog hasn't just shown improvement in my writing, it has shown that it's okay to accept your struggles, but embrace your achievement.

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Writing a blog isn't easy. I knew that before I started, but assumed choosing a subject I'm close with, almost too familiar with, would take a couple pounds of the load. See, that was where I was wrong. With ballet, we are always striving for "perfection", which we all know isn't possible. What I have learned through this blog though, is it's so easy to miss it all. If I only focus on what's wrong and what it needs to look like, won't dance just become something I don't enjoy? Eventually. Having to put all aspects of dance into words gave me a new perspective. I like to imagine that some other bunhead out there happened to fall across this school assignment that turned into so much more, and realized they aren't the only one facing this seemingly unachievable struggle. This to me, shows that you aren't made of your mistakes or problems. Multiple people will face the challenge of turned out positions, but can everyone show their love of dance on stage? Very few. Accept that you are doing something wrong, do your best to fix it, but allow your self to say "Hey, I did that pretty well." Seeing the things you are good at will give you pride from the inside out. And if you are making your way to the top in a breeze, you aren't reaching your full potential. Those hard pushes are where you can accept that what you are doing is not easy, and afterwards be proud that you did it. You receive so much more satisfaction when something difficult is thrown at you, but can get by it, even with struggle.

So, even when you see yourself no where close to Svetlana Zakharova or to those crazy olympians, as long as you are doing your best, it doesn't matter. Continue to push through each barrier, and you will notice yourself facing them with ease while approaching more... it is just life. Don't forget to applaud yourself every once in a while, though.

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