Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Head (and body) Back in The Game

With any sport, as you may know, you are constantly working up an invisible "mountain" and working towards that goal often. Your body and muscles gain a type momentum in dance, where you keep building on the previous class. Of course it isn't a steady climb to your goal, but you get into a mode that strengthens and I like to think, gives your body a "callas" like you do on your feet. Once you take a break, you lose that momentum. Trust me, I could always use a nice break like UEA, most recently, but I may not have taken care of my body the best way possible in that time.

In ballet, you are constantly pulling up your muscles and squeezing them in order to be able to hold your leg in front of your face. Not only do just tense your muscles, but you have to place them and continue to extend them throughout your whole body in Every. Single. Move. Just before break, I was feeling myself reaching a good level of capability, maintaing higher increments in positions. Then came the sweet relief of Meema (my grandma) and Grandad's house for fall break. After driving 5 hours to Boise, Idaho directly after dance, I finally got to fall into a cozy bed in their cozy house. Completely dreamy. Morning came around, and let's just say, Hayden was not going to be doing any grande jet├ęs anytime soon (refer to my definition page, for those who don't quite understand ballet language). I was stiff as a board, and it was because I sat in a not-so-comfy position for multiple hours directly after working my butt off in ballet. My muscles weren't so pleased with me. I attempted stretching, but soon found myself sucked into a book on their equally cozy couch. 

I had the option of taking drop in classes at Ballet Idaho while in Boise, which I have always enjoyed in past visits, but came up with stomach aches and the need to get my homework done. My slacking came back and slapped me in face that following week. Needless to say, I had officially lost my momentum, my muscles refusing to cooperate, only after making another not-so-great decision. Monday, I was feeling slightly tight and "off my leg", but it was mutual for the whole class... I wasn't too surprised, yet. Tuesday came around like a hurricane. I started off the day tired, had a long day of all my core classes, and then went straight to dance from school for five and a half hours... that's a longer time of dancing than the drive to Boise! What was my little brain thinking? Although it wasn't all ballet, the majority of it was and boy, oh, boy, was it difficult. The picture below is a pretty accurate description of the motivation I was feeling.
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With Nutcracker season fast approaching, I now know to take MUCH better care of my body. I need to attempt to maintain as much momentum as possible, even over breaks, so that my body and I stay friends. Lesson it's time to get myself back in the game.


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